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Come to Amagoro and experience a whole new world from the comfort of the Hotel Levantes.

The Best Culinary Experience.

Come enjoy some of the best cuisines from the region and across the world, brought to life by some of the most talented chefs.

24x7 phone and online support

We are always available on phone and online to ensure you get the most out of the Levantes.

Excellent accomodation

Spending a night at the Hotel Levantes is life changing with some of the best accomodation in the region.

Welcome to The Hotel Levantes

Hotel Levantes is set poised to change the hospitality scene in the greater Teso region. Impeccably located in the quiet rustic town of Amagoro, a 5 minute drive from the bustling Malaba boarder, the hotel offers a serene environment for business and leisure. Recently completed, the hotel offers accommodation in 31 guest rooms, has two conference rooms, the larger one seating approximately 100 delegates, outdoor seating, laundry services, bar and restaurant. In addition to the 24-hour in-house security, the Amagoro police station is just a stone throw away, further enhancing the security status of the hotel.

For more information about Accommodation and Dining at the Hotel Levantes, Call +254 712 247 469


Dining at the Levantes is a can only be described as a life changing experoence with cuisines from across the greater Teso Region


We offer exceptional and affordable accomodation with Standard rooms and Delux rooms available to our guests at their pleasure.


With a seating capacity of more than 100 guests, our conference facilities are ones to envy with great space and facilities for delegates.

About the Teso Region

The area is mainly inhabited by Iteso, Bukusu and Sabaot communities. The Iteso, who form the majority, is a Nilotic group found in western Kenya and eastern Uganda. The Iteso Kingdom is a traditional and highly respected governance system, based in Uganda. It is believed that the Iteso originated from present-day Sudan, in the Abyssinia highland, and then separated from the Karamojong and moved further south over a period of centuries. The Iteso are mainly agriculturalists, planting cash crops such as cotton and tobacco, as well as staple foods such as millet.

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Why we Love the Levantes

From the very moment you arrive at the Hotel Levantes, everything you see, hear, taste and experience will leave you in awe at the magnificence that is the Hotel...ReadMore


The rock art of Kakapel is comprised of a series of three adjacent shelters at the base of a granite outcrop in a dramatic landscape.